Etlworks is the best alternative for Alooma

Future-proof your Alooma data pipelines to Redshift and Snowflake with a migration to Etlworks.

Etlworks is a cloud-first ETL solution for integrating data from multiple, disparate sources. Etlworks can connect to almost all relational and NoSQL databases, local and cloud-based file storage services, APIs, business applications, as well as read and write data in most common data exchange formats.

Our powerful data integration platform allow customers to build real-time data integration pipelines and automation scenarios using feature-rich drag and drop interface right in the browser, then test, execute and schedule them with just a few mouse clicks while also remaining to compliance best practices.

Alooma is a good ETL platform if you're dedicated to using the Google data warehouse ecosystem (BigQuery) and you have an experienced team of developers at your disposal. But, if you want to use other data warehouses such as Snowflake and Amazon Redshift, or if your ETL platform needs to be accessible to non-engineers, this platform might not be for you.

Consider letting your team give Etlworks a free, 14-day test spin.

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Etlworks vs. Alooma

Not convinced yet? Developers and new users love our powerful and easy-to-use interface. But most of all, they love the results: Secure data, where you want it, when you need it, fast, and reliable.

Feature Etlworks Alooma
Real time change data capture Yes Yes
Data ingestion and ELT Yes Yes
Any-to-any ETL Yes No
Cloud providers Amazon, Microsoft, Google Google only
Snowflake as a destination Yes No
Redshift as a destination Yes No
Google BigQuery as a destination Yes Yes
MySQL as a source Yes Yes
SQL Server as a source Yes Yes
PostgreSQL as a source Yes Yes
DB2 as a source Yes Yes
Oracle as a source Yes Yes
MongoDB as a source Yes Yes
Business applications as a source 150+ 30+
Web services as a source Yes Yes

What Etlworks users are saying about the platform:

  • Propylon

    Wouter Rosenkamp

    Director Marketing & Strategy, Propylon

    Etlworks gives us the possibility to connect and exchange data from difference sources, without any coding effort. As a business, this makes you more agile and flexible. The software works very stable and if there are any unclarities, the Etlworks team is always fast in responding to any questions we might have. Issues are mostly solved within 24 hours.

  • Sermo

    Bryan Meyerovich

    Sr. Software Engineer, Sermo

    I honestly feel like I’m working with another developer on my team when I’m speaking to them. Communication is direct and instant, they have been proactive in investigating our setup and adjusting their code to accommodate for our scenarios. They added a bunch of features for us and gave us step by step directions on how to use undocumented features when I needed to do very advanced stuff. What I love best is when I ask them a question or identify an issue, they are always on my level and understand what I’m talking about, there’s no back and fourth or explaining.

  • Openclaims

    Franck van der Sluis

    Data Manager, Openclaims

    Etlworks is a very intuitive and powerful platform to achieve data integrations. The possibilities are basically endless. From integrations with API's to integrations with relational databases. The Etlworks team is also very flexible in offering support and listening to feature requests. If some functionality is not there, they will create it for the customer. Overall, Etlworks speeds up implementations of data integrations, reduces development time and improves the quality of data.

  • Kyero

    Pablo Rodriguez

    Technical Operations Manager, Kyero

    With Integrator we've covered all our ETL needs seamlessly and in less time than initially planned thanks to ETL Works continuous and amazing support. We started with one single use case and were surprised with how powerful and flexible, yet easy to use, the tool is, but now we find new uses for it every day.

  • Marketo

    Martin Sheridan

    Lead Technical Consultant, Marketo Australia

    Etlworks provided us with the foundation to quickly deliver an enterprise-scale solution to a high profile customer. We worked with the Etlworks team who developed several custom integration scenarios to suit our client’s needs. Even with the challenge of working across time zones we found Etlworks to be highly accommodating and always ready to support us. I personally consider them to be part of our wider team and will continue to work with them on future projects.

  • Sage One

    Lieschke Nieuwoudt

    Digital Marketing Manager, Sage One

    Working with Etlworks has been a pleasure. Being located in Australia I was nervous to deal with a company operating out of a different country but I shouldn’t have been. The team are extremely dedicated and get back to us very quickly. The service is reliable and I would highly recommend Etlworks to anyone.

  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance

    Maísa de Paiva

    Direct Marketing Manager, CPA

    Etlworks was instrumental in leading us to implement the complex task of feeding our marketing automation tool (Marketo) with a 5 minutes customer data refresh from our event site. Your flexibility in terms of working with our time-zone in Australia and your deep understanding of the technicalities involved were fundamental for accomplishing this task. We couldn’t have achieved the live integration, which was an essential component of our customer service journey, without your support. Thank you.

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