Etlworks is the best tool for loading data in Snowflake

Loading data in Snowflake can be complicated. But not with Etlworks, which has been certified by Snowflake as an official data integration provider.

Just like Snowflake, Etlworks is a cloud-first data integration service. It works perfectly well when installed on-premise, but it really shines in the cloud. When subscribing to the service, you can choose the region that is closest to your Snowflake instance which will make all the difference as far as the fast data load is concerned. Also, you won’t have to worry about managing the service.

Use Etlworks ETL for Snowflake to

Improve efficiency

In Etlworks you can build even the most complicated data integration flows and transformations using simple drag&drop interface. No need to learn a new language and no complicated build-test-deploy process.


If you are dealing with heterogeneous data sources, web services, semi-structured or unstructured data, or transformations which go beyond the simple point-to-point, pre-baked integrations – you are probably limited to just a few tools. Etlworks is one of them.


ELT allows raw data to be loaded into the target and transformed there. Etlworks supports executing complex ELT scripts directly in Redshift which greatly improves performance and reliability of the data injection.


Last but not least, if you need your tool to support a native change (incremental) replication from relational databases and web services, Etlworks can handle this as well. No programming required. And it is fast.