Data Integration Solved

Integrate and synchronize data across multiple silos in real-time. Any database, application, format, and structure. Anywhere in the cloud and on-premise.


01. Product Data Integration for everyone

Etlworks solves fundamental data integration problems

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Data Replication

Set up log-based (CDC) or incremental replication between different data sources with minimum effort. Use streaming platforms, such as Kafka to build real-time data pipelines. Compare available replication methods.

ETL, ELT, reverse ETL

ETL, ELT and reverse ETL data from any source to any destination. Etlworks includes hundreds of connectors for databases, APIs, applications, storage systems and data exchange formats. Work with on-premise data.

Transformations and Mapping

Create transformations and mapping using intuitive drag and drop interface. Parse and create complex nested JSON, XML, Avro and Parquet documents. Use JavaScript, Python, XSL, shell scripts and SQL to transform and enrich data.

Load data into data warehouses

Load petabytes of data into cloud data warehouses, such as Snowflake and Amazon Redshift in real-time or in micro-batches. Our connectors automatically adapt to the source and destination schema evolution.

API Management and Integration

Connect to any REST and SOAP API, work with industry-standard EDI formats, such as HL7, EDIFACT and X12. Design and publish data integration APIs and use our open APIs to create automation scenarios.

Easy and Powerful

Build complex workflows and event-driven flows with no or minimum coding. Use graphical user interface, as well as JavaScript, Python, and SQL to create, test and schedule data integration scenarios in minutes.

02. Explorer Data Discovery and Data Visualization

Explorer helps people see and understand their data. Whether it’s in a spreadsheet, a SQL database, a file, or a web service, you can connect and visualize any data, anywhere. Read more about Etlworks Explorer.

Explore data sources

Explore data sources and their structure, regardless of the format or location. Use it to develop and debug data integration flows.

Visualize and discover

See data in a grid and raw (original) format. Discover dependencies by drilling down into the nested datasets, quickly filter out and sort data.

Query and get insight fast

Use SQL to query data in any format, including databases, web services, structured and flat files. Leverage your natural ability to spot visual patterns quickly. Share queries with a team.

04. Solutions Simple, Connected, Powerful

Choose from hundreds of connectors, formats and transformations to build complex data integration flows in minutes, no coding required. Specify when and how often you need your flows to run. Monitor running flows in real time.

Replicating 1500+ databases

"We use Etlworks to collect data from more than 1500 MySQL databases and store it in a warehouse built on Snowflake. We save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and both us and our customers have quick access to insights."


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REST API in less than an hour

"With Etlworks we were able to built a REST API that aggregates data from various sources and returns enriched JSONs consumed by our Tableau instance. The whole exercise took us less than an hour and was completely code free."


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10X more data for analytics

"Within 2 weeks after subscribing to Etlworks we were collecting half a billion records of data every day from hundreds of tables in multiple SQL Server databases, Marketo, Salesforce and Smarsheet and loading it into Redshift in almost real time."


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