General Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects every business in the data community that has a presence in the EU or processes the personal data of European residents. Etlworks is in full compliance with the European data privacy laws that are in effect today, including GDPR.


When it comes to handling the data of our customers, we make no compromises. We encrypt all sensitive data, like access credentials. Our access policies are the strictest possible, separating our various environments and the permissions allocated to each. When troubleshooting is required, and access is inevitable, we allocate temporary access credentials. Periodically, we review our audit logs and various policies, and make sure they adhere to the highest standards.

What is Customer Data?

Customer Data is any information, including personal data, which is replicated via the Etlworks services, by, or on behalf of, our customers and their end-users.

Who owns control of the Customer Data?

The customer is the controller of Customer Data, and Etlworks is a processor. This means that throughout the time that a customer subscribes to services with Etlworks, the customer retains ownership of and control over Customer Data in its account.

Who are Etlworks's sub-processors?

These are sub-processors who have access to Etlworks production systems and data by virtue of the services they provide.
  • Amazon, Inc. AWS hosting environment for Websites in services in United States, Europe, Australia and Asia.
  • Google, Inc. Google Cloud hosting environment for services in United States, and Europe.
  • Microsoft, Inc. Azure hosting environment for services in United States, Europe and Australia.

Where will Customer Data be stored?

Etlworks has servers in the US, EU and Australia regions. Customers can choose the region during subscription process and change it later by sending a request to If customers choose to use the EU servers, their data will not leave the EU during processing.

How does Etlworks Respond to Information Requests?

Etlworks recognizes that privacy and data security issues are top priorities for customers. Etlworks does not disclose Customer Data except as necessary to provide its services to its customers and comply with the law as detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Financial transaction information

If you become a paying customer, you will need to provide us and our payment partners (Stripe for the billing, Paywhirl for the invoicing and subscription management) with valid billing information. We will be able to see your name, billing address and email address. We are not able to see your credit card information or bank account number.

As you would expect of any business, we share transaction data with our accountants and with the relevant tax authorities when we file our annual tax return.

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