Real-time data integration

The benefit of the real-time data integration is that it can transmit accurate and timely data between systems so users can make better-informed business decisions in real-time. There are a few challenges to this approach. Specifically, the solution must provide users with the most current data without putting a strain on the production systems.

Real-Time Data Integration with Etlworks

Etlworks real-time data integration technology relies on the native change data capturing (CDC) features of the source databases and real-time Kafka streams. It is extremely fast and reliable. It enables businesses to access and load only the changed data (new records, updates, and deletes) in a source system and allows them to avoid a full refresh of the historical data. It is also horizontally scalable and can be deployed to multiple nodes in a distributed cluster providing a fault-tolerant, enterprise-grade solution.

Real-Time and Batch, Any-to-Any Data Integration

Etlworks is a complete data integration platform with a single, intuitive web-based interface that can be used to build all sorts of integration scenarios. The benefits of using Etlworks include that it is:

  • Cloud-native. Etlworks is a cloud-first application, which seamlessly integrates on-premise data and cloud destinations. In Etlworks, you can build batch, micro-batch, real-time, cross-cloud and on-premise-to-cloud data pipelines.
  • Any-to-Any. Etlworks provides support for data movement and integration between all major SQL and NoSQL databases, data warehouses, well-known and custom APIs, big-data targets such as Apache Hive, and real-time Kafka streams.
  • Simple and Reliable. Etlworks includes ready-to-use templates for change replication and real-time CDC for all major databases, data streaming from message queues to any target, and much more. The data integration flows are built using simple and unintuitive web-based UI. You can run and schedule flows with just a few mouse clicks and monitor running flows in real-time.

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