Real-time data integration

Real-time data integration makes it possible to transmit data accurately and timely, allowing users to make better-informed decisions quickly. But can you provide users with the most current data without straining the production systems?

Real-Time Data Integration with Etlworks

Etlworks real-time data integration technology relies on the native change data capture (CDC) features of the source databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and MongoDB. It is powered by the Debezium - an open source distributed platform for change data capture. Our software is horizontally scalable and can be deployed to multiple nodes in a distributed cluster providing a fault-tolerant, enterprise-grade solution.

Real-Time and Batch, Any-to-Any Data Integration

Etlworks is a complete data integration platform with intuitive web-based interface that can be used to build all sorts of integration scenarios. The benefits of using Etlworks include that it is:

  • Cloud-native. Etlworks is a cloud-first application, which seamlessly integrates cloud and on-premise data. In Etlworks, you can build batch, micro-batch, real-time, cross-cloud and on-premise-to-cloud data pipelines.
  • Any-to-Any. Etlworks provides support for data movement between all major SQL and NoSQL databases, data warehouses such as Snowflake and Redshift, business applications, well-known and custom APIs, big-data targets and real-time Kafka streams.
  • Simple and Reliable. Etlworks includes ready-to-use templates for change replication and real-time CDC for all major databases, data streaming from message queues to any target, and much more. The data integration flows are built using simple and unintuitive web-based UI. Users can create, test and schedule flows with just a few mouse clicks and monitor running flows in real-time.

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